Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Prototype 3: Testing Session Results

Since I missed the testing session on Monday - was doing my best to get on top of my exam on Maths on Tuesday - had to arrange my own testing session with friends/family. 

I had a total of 6 testers/3 pairs of people.

The two hypothesis that I had were: 
  1. 2 people or kids will find a way to self-organize to get the correct answers to the questions asked
  2. In pairs people will enjoy playing the game more than if they were to play alone. 
Both hypothesis were correct. People did enjoy playing as a team more than playing on their own. From my observations - somebody would take a leading role and say - who has to do what:
  •  "You step on 9, I'll step on 1" and this is how we'll do that
The other person would follow the instructions. 

When playing on their own - one of the participants was a 6 y.o. girl - she had no difficulties figuring out how to play the game at all. 

Here are the comments from test participants: 

100% of participants preferred to play as a team/with a friend more - it was more fun for them.

Test Limitations: 
  • most of test participants were adults, this is a limitation
  • occasionally some of the buttons wouldn't work - that's technology limitations
I do think that the game is successful, useful and, perhaps, could even be successfully built and released to the general public.

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