Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Thinking About The Next Prototype

Time to start thinking about the last prototype.
So, the instructions are as follows:

Final Prototype: 
1. Refer or redesign the original prototype
2. Dark horse - do something that seems impossible
3. Add new features: test something not tested yet

Prototyping Process: 
- go through evaluation/testing sessions
- take some ideas from it
- SoD (decisions made)

As I brainstormed the different options for the prototype - I decided to stick to Option 3 - adding new features and test something that is not tested yet.

So, what I am planning to do is - make my game MathsFun social, make it work for 2 players. How I think it should work: 2 people could step on different numbers for the solution (for number 10 - one would step on 0 and another one would step on 1).

I'd focus on "social" part of it for testing.

In order to make it work, I'd need: 
- change problems that result in solutions with at least 2 numbers (so, from 10 and above)
- the physical component of the game doesn't require much changes, it can stay pretty much the same (but rebuilt again).

Looks buildable and feasible to me :) And also fun when doing the testing :)) I'll need 2 testers at a time. 

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