Monday, 21 September 2015

Week 9: Makey-Makey Prototype Implementation Plan

So, I did some thinking about what and how I will build for my Makey-Makey prototype.
The basic interface will be as follows. Appears to be pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

The only thing I still need to figure out is the exact size of the mat - so that it fits kids who are about 1m height... ? Need a bit of research here.

 Things I'll need to fix in my ActionScript: 

1. do voice recordings for interactions:

- intro/greeting: Hello there. Do you want to play? Step on foot sign & 1 to get started.
If he/she didn't step on it within 10 secs - Still here? Step on foot sign & 1 to get started.

- well done/oops - mistake: Oh no!, No-no-no..., N-o-o!, ; Yes!, Yeaaah!, Oh yes!

- end of game: Well done! Do you want to play again? Step on any number for Yes.

If a user is making mistakes on the go - come up with some fun voice recordings, like:
- No, no, no... or Yes! Yeaaaah! .. :-) to add some emotion

2. change inputs - use letters/arrows instead of mouse clicks

Materials I will need: 
- rubber mat for the foundation/first layer
- foil for connections
- some wires to increase the length of the Makey-Makey wires
- something to cover it on top & hide all the wires

and that's about it :)

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