Monday, 14 September 2015

Week 8: Testing the Prototype

Since my testing is based on exact data based on how participants perform - I don't really have a questionnaire - since I'll be using .xls to interpret the data. The instructions are also fairly simple - just hit the button once a user is done with the game.

Instructions to participants:
- Make sure you hit save button after you played the game.

I will then use the data from files to interpret the results and derive conclusions.

Hypothesis #1: 
Increasing game complexity in sets of 10 questions will sustain kids interest in the game and make it fun. 
Pass Criteria: A test will fail if a test participant fails to answer correctly from the very beginning until the end of the set. Thus - waiting for 10 questions to pass to assess the results would be too long, as kids get dissatisfied with continuous failure. 
Fail Criteria: Results are distributed evenly - and participants failing the first 2 questions may provide correct answer at the end of the game.

Hypothesis #2: 
On average it will take a user 3 - 5 seconds to respond a question. If it takes more than 5 seconds - a user is unlikely to provide a correct answer at all and there is a need to change the question or provide support/positive reinforcement.
Pass Criteria:
If answering a question takes longer than 5 seconds - and users do not provide correct results - the hypothesis is right.
Fail Criteria: 

If answering a question takes longer than 5 seconds - and users still provide correct results - the hypothesis is wrong. 

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