Friday, 18 September 2015

Week 8: Email, Twitter, SuperMario --> Getting Physical

This week task is to come with physical interactions for Email, Twitter and SuperMario. 
I’d approach the task by thinking How, When, and Where people use them as well as user needs. This then gives insight
for the best design solutions. 

User Needs:
  • Find out as soon as possible about a new message
  • Easily respond/Forward
  • Sort/Store for later/Delete/Mark as Spam/Flag

Physical solution: 
Since most people communicate on the go - this has to be some kind of wearable device (glasses, watch, ring, bracelet) or an app. 
The easiest way to communicate on the go is by voice. So, touch/tap to check email, perhaps, integration with headphones via Blootooth or phone would be handy. 

Pre-set voice commands could be handy. 

If a person is wearing glasses or sunglasses - reading mail directly from glasses should be useful. If combined with commands/speech recognition when a person is responding to email - could be helpful. 

User Needs: 
  • Communicate with others in short messages (140 symbols or less)
  • #be heard / read with a hashtag, retweet
  • respond to messages

All of this has to be done on the go.

Similar with email - I’d say that is a person could read its twitter from glasses and get notifications for things that matter to him/her (for example -when he or she was mentioned or retweeted) and communicate via voice commands on the go - altogether that could be handy. Speech recognition would also work great in this case, as this would speed up/improve the communication process.

User Needs: 
  • Walking left and right
  • Jumping
  • Opening
Since it’s a game - I think that augmented reality type of extension would work best. There is no need to read “on the go” as in the previous 2 cases, but rather go with the flow - and experience to the fullest. So, some devices that extend your movement - wearable for hands to go left or right, step/jump on a spot, and, perhaps, glasses to view the game in 3D.  

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