Sunday, 6 September 2015

Week 6: Action Script 3.0.: Getting Ready to Code a Prototype

I'm refining my prototype, thinking about Classes, their Attributes (Variables) and Abilities (Functions).

This is also what we've done in the Lecture in class this week. Planned out classes, variables and functions.

First, let's focus on hypothesis and UI.

1 hypothesis to test: It is a good idea to increase game complexity after a set of 10 questions.
Pass/Fail test: A test will fail if a test participant fails from the very beginning until the end - thus - waiting for 10 questions to pass to assess the results would be too long.

2 hypothesis to test: On average it will take 3 seconds to respond to a question.
Pass/Fail: Responding to a question over 5 seconds - means the game should be slower.

Here is the basic screen for the prototype:

And a few more screens to interact with users:

And a few more...

And another one...

What is I will need for the prototype:

1. on-click by mouse
2. on-click (keyboard numbers)

1. Questions (contains questions, their difficulty level, and answers)
2. Results (stores game results)

Class 1: Numbers
Public variables:

  • Value (0 - 9)
  • Position (x, y)
Private variables: 
  • height
  • width
  • color

Class 2: Questions


  • give me next question (picks and gives out the next question to user - 2 complexity levels from .xml file - if less than 8 right - easy group and if more than 8 - complex group next).
  • check answer (boolean, gives out 2 answers: Correct! or Try again!)

Class 3: Store results 

    • add results (adds results to a file)
    • show time (displays on screen how much time it too user to respond to questions)
    • show score (displays user score for a game) 
    • next level (serves a set of questions based on user performance)

    That's about it for now - probably will change as I dig into it... 

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