Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Week 2: Video Editing

Basic video editing skills was our quest for the prac in class. Pete explained video shooting and editing best practices. 

Some key information: 
  • never shoot a video from a vertical perspective
  • having a screenplay is critical for a quality video
  • show/explain the problem first - only then provide specific details as to "how it works"

One of my favourite videos is Pencil from  53

With a Photoshop tutorial creating a basic video is not that tough. Yet, we are expected to come up with a quality one - and this will definitely take some time for me. 

I'm not used to Photoshop, as I've been using Sketch from Bohemian Coding in the past. Photoshop has a longer learning curve and - to be frank - I hardly will ever become a fan of this tool :) 

Here is what I came up with - my first video :) 

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